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Monday, August 4, 2008

Your favorite oh so fab moment....

OK. So here is something new we are going to have on the blog.  We have asked some of our favotire photographers to send us an image of their *favorite oh so fab moment* that they captured in film from one of our weddings.

We started with the one and only Danny Weiss who chose an image from a gorgeous wedding we he shot for us last September at Angel Orensanz in NYC.
Here is what Danny had to say about his favorite moment:

First off, it's way too hard to pick one image. Lauren and Dan had such an amazing wedding and they were so photogenic I really could pick one of hundreds and call it my favorite. The reason I chose this one was because of all the promise that it suggests. The ceremony is about to happen. Deep in the picture the Chupah is silhouetted. The people are bathed in this amazing light and are awaiting for the ceremony to begin in front of this BREATH-TAKING blue up-lit wall and then there is the spot light on this very cool detail that you guys put together that, for me at least, summarizes the
theme and more importantly the "feel" of the whole wedding.

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