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Friday, January 22, 2010

NEW PRESS: Favors favors favors!!!

We were delighted to collaborate with Laura Adams, Editor of (201) Bride Magazine on this fun styling project. The challenge? Find a way to make three very common, humdrum everyday edible items into something interesting and unique for your guests to take away at the end of the night. I am a strong believer in usable favors, which usually translates into anything you can eat or drink. So our solution was to come up with three different favors, and show you how to showcase them in two very different ways.
I have to thank my ingenious and forward thinking staff, especially GG for going on a mission through the streets of Bergen County hunting down cool favor packaging with one condition from yours truly "Don't come back with anythign we've used before, get CREATIVE" and that she did! She went everywhere from Home Depot to the Container Store and just about everywhere in between. What an amazing result! Jenn was my style maven who stepped in to really help make them look outrageous at the photo shoot.
Special thanks to Photography By Rebecca for the beautiful shots, Carolyn at Bella Dia Custom Invitations for the adorable hang tags etc. and to Laura Adams for allowing us to flex our creative muscles and bring this great favor story to life!