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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elegance at The Pleasantdale Chateau

Wow is all I can say. This was an amazing experience with a beautiful couple from start to finish. There's something to be said about gorgeous design, a beautiful venue and a wonderful client relationship, it just makes EVERYTHING so worth while! Pamela and Michael came to us only 6 months ago, and asked us to step in and make their wedding something special, classic and unique. Christy and I really enjoyed working with some very basic and simple concepts, that we "fabbed" up in our usual way! Pam and Mike truly trusted us and let us really plan an amazing and sophisticated event. We were so pleased with the results.

Special thanks to Images by Berit for the gorgeous teaser pics, Stem & C0. for the lovely florals, The Cloth Connection for all the custom AMAZING linens, Classic Party Rentals, EventLights, Laura Hooper Calligraphy (the stationery was stunning) Jeanne Costello for the AMAZING custom tufted band backdrop and Vanity and Mascara for Pam's gorgeous look!

We also had some amazing new interns who worked really hard all day to get the job done, thanks to Alicia and Susan!

and of course thank you to my left and right hand Christy, couldn't have done this without you, your taste is exquisite!

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On Paper said...

Fun to see the Aussie style for weddings! Not at all surprised by the lovliness and style, but, have to say surprised about how much bling and the formality of it all. We Americans think of you all as the laid back wonders of the world! ;)

Just found you on Twitter today and will add your blog to my list of style to watch.


On Paper