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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Re-inventing Damask for the last day of the year!

We are so excited about our New Year's Eve Wedding this year at Florentine Gardens.

The clients are amazing and were absolutely blown away at our sample this past Thursday night.

The bride is lucky enough to have a very talented and gracious cousin that is a very talented floral designer, Mary of Ciao Bella! flowers in NYC is going to create the stunning centerpieces you see here from the sample this past week.

We decided on a damask theme with hot hues of red/hot pink OVER A YEAR AGO. And I say that with passion as last year the "damask overload" was non-existant. This year you can't open a magazine, or look at a blog without seeing some sort of damask in the design. We tiptoed on the cusp of the craze 3 years ago at our (now apparently famous) Wedding Central Episode at The Liberty House where Robin K created an amazing brown/cream damask look that we ran with for all design elements.

So then after I saw it popping up everywhere (and not always very creatively) I got concerned that our gorgeous design would become old news before we could even say Happy New Year!

So Mary, Sharon and I got together to really try to blow the doors off the damask you've seen in the past year. We really want to wow everyone and make this the be-all-end-all of damask designs. It is still a work in progress BUT we had to share. So excited
Thanks again to Mary for such a beautiful sample!
Stay tuned!

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